Savannah Holly



Savannah Holly is a beautifully shaped tree, with a
narrow, open pyramidal to columnar form. A
35-foot-tall tree can be eight feet wide in 40 years,
indicating a moderate growth rate. The spiny, dull,
dark green leaves have wavy margins and are accented
in fall with heavy clusters of red berries which persist
throughout the fall and winter. Male and female
flowers appear on separate trees and must be located
in the same neighborhood to ensure production of
berries. Many nurserymen propagate from female
trees so most nursery trees have berries. Many trees
are grown with a central trunk and skinny lateral
branches, although some nurseries offer those with
several upright trunks growing straight up through the
crown. Many trees are sheared in the nursery to create
more branches and a fuller canopy than will be seen
several years after planting.


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